Try It Tuesday: Use the Pic Collage Smartphone/Tablet App For Learning and Reflection

In many of our programs, we incorporate opportunities for young people to reflect on what they're learning--a valuable way to help them incorporate their experiences.

One creative way to encourage reflection is by having young people use the smartphone app Pic Collage. There's also a version for younger students, PicCollage for Kids. With it, students can arrange multiple photos into a single collage and then add text to the final creation.

Above  is a brief tutorial to get you started, from the article,  Five Ideas for Using Pic Collage in the Classroom

And here are some suggestions for how you could use it:

  • Invite young people to collect photos of their work experience (or some aspect of it) and then put them together into a collage reflecting on their experience. They can use the text tool to include a summary statement. Then have them share with the class. 
  • Have them take photos that represent a particular concept or idea from their perspective--such as "respect" or "professionalism"--and then stitch these together into a collage for sharing. 
  • Have them use the app to create a poster for an event or activity. 
  • They can create collages of things (and/or people) they are passionate about, their aspirations, etc. 
  • If you're integrating Design Thinking into your program, students could use the app to collect customer experience photos that represent a particular customer need or want. 
You could also challenge students to come up with their own creative ideas for using the app. If you do, please share them here in comments! We'd love to hear from you!

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