Try It Tuesday: Explore The Ron Clark Academy

Here at Try It Tuesday, we are all about using movement, music and fun to keep young people engaged in the classroom. As you can see in the video above, the Ron Clark Academy (RCA) takes this to a whole new level!

RCA is a nonprofit middle school in Southeast Atlanta that also operates as a demonstration school, providing educators from around the world with opportunities to visit, observe and learn about the unique strategies RCA uses to engage students, promote academic rigor and create a climate and culture that promotes success.

They were recently featured on CNN:

You can learn more about their Teacher Training Experiences here. A 1-day workshop is $375 and a 2-day workshop is $720 and they have upcoming dates in the summer and fall. 

They've had fantastic success and as the videos demonstrate, their students are fully engaged in and excited about the learning process!

What could we learn from RCA and their strategies? 

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