Try It Tuesday: Use the Nutshell iPhone App to Tell a Story

One of the best ways to engage young people is through technology. And when that technology uses their own photos, it can get even more fun and exciting!

With the Nutshell App for iPhone and iPad, students take 3 photos. They then use the app to add text, graphic, and animation overlays and turn the images into a mini movie. The results can be shared through email or text or uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

So how could you use this for your program? The possibilities are pretty unlimited, but here are some ideas. Have students: 

  • Respond to a prompt like "Who's your hero?" or "Where's your favorite place to be?" 
  • Write a haiku (see the Nutshell app page for an example) 
  • Share a project they're working on. 
  • Introduce a friend--this could be a great icebreaker activity!
  • Give a quick explanation
  • Share what they've learned that day
To share their creations, you can create a Facebook group or Page and have students upload their Nutshells. If you create a Facebook group, you can keep things private, but if you want to give them a wider audience, then consider creating a Facebook Page. 

Nutshell was developed by the creators of Prezi, dynamic presentation software that takes Powerpoints to a whole new level and a tool that we'll be looking at in a future Try it Tuesday post. 

For a deeper dive into what Nutshell can do (and to see how Prezi spices up a presentation), check out this Prezi on Nutshell: 

Give Nutshell a try! And drop us a line in comments to let us know how you used it with your students. We'd love to hear from you!

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