Try It Tuesday: Jam4Justice 2015 Wrap-Up

We had our Jam4Justice event on April 24, 2015 and it was AMAZING!

Over 30 people showed up and within an hour, we had identified 6 passion-based social justice projects and had formed teams for each. 

The teams worked for the next 6.5 hours (with short walking and lunch breaks) on some fantastic ideas, including a musical (see the video below), a six-week digital storytelling curriculum--even an adventure-based learning school and a youth-run spoken word cafe! 

The feedback we got from participants was fantastic--check out the video at the top of this post for what people learned from the day. 

And here are some comments we received from our survey:

To be honest I was quite surprised at how the day went. I first thought I was walking into one of those long workshops where I sit for hours. But I learned a great deal about myself and help to realize my project on paper. Thanks to Kelly Wilson and Mr Bob. I had a wonderful time and would like to do this monthly. I could go on sharing and sharing what the outcomes were for me on that day. I am so glad I went to the Jam. It was bigger than what I consider a jam.

Having the space to come up with real solutions to assist youth while networking and having fun. Also, having creative liberty and not being bound to unnecessary restraints. I had a really great time and worked with an amazing group of people who were all so different, but came together and created an awesome experience that I believe can empower our youth to positively impact the world.

Loved the action-oriented nature of the event. And that it was organized around a central theme/topic of social justice. There was enough structure to keep everyone "on task" but not too much to stifle our creativity.

Check out the Jam4Justice website for more information and pics. We're already thinking about how we can do Jams on a quarterly basis and how we can bring young people into the Jam process. 

If you'd like to join us for future Jams, fill out the form in the right sidebar so we can keep you posted. 

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