Welcome to the Try It Tuesday Blog!

If you work with teens, you know that it can often be a challenge to keep them interested and engaged, especially if you are running a youth program. How do you keep them focused, excited and inspired?

Try it Tuesdays is all about bringing you resources, tools and strategies that you can use to re-invigorate your programming and get your teens excited to come in every day. Each week, we share a practical, concrete idea or strategy that you can experiment with in your work. We also post resources that will help you grow your skills as a youth development practitioner. 

Take a look at the overview webinar above where we look at what REALLY motivates people (it's not what you think!) and we provide a basic framework for thinking about how to engage with teens. You can get the slides and follow-up resources here

Then, scroll down for our latest "Try It Tuesday" posts. These are practical, hands-on tips, strategies and ideas that can spice up your group and individual work and help you keep young people engaged. We bring them to you every week, along with other great content and ideas. 

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